Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alison Carnwath has walked away from Barclays

And I haven't got a problem with that. It's fine. She was taking on too much, anyway. She was a director at Barclays (non-executive, but chairbird of some remuneration committee), AND: she's still a board member of Zurich Insurance Group, a board member of Man Group, and chairbird of the board at Land Securities Group. AND: she works behind the bar in her local pub, just to help out when either Rosie or Jim are sick or on holiday. Christ! How does she have time for anything else in her life?


I think it's gonna be another hot day in hell. 'Well, that's not news, is it?' Oh, shut it, Voice!

I'm going to be working on No. 39. Yeah. Got to get these numbers up to a respectable level. I've got a work ethic, like Alison. I'm not one of these layabouts, like Arthur Rimbaud. Fifty thousand (or so) words in five years? Try over half a million, Art, then we'll talk again. / Kids! You can't tell them anything, can you?

'Oi! You repeat a lot of words, don't ya?' So? It's still about 460,000. Something like that. And I've deleted tens of thousands as well. Idiot!

Note: the Voice isn't the ghost of Rimbaud. I don't know who it is.