Monday, 9 July 2012

Bob Diamond: 'What's mine is mine. Come and get it. Show me what you got, socialists.'

Ve don't care. Ve still vant ze money, Lebowski, or ve fuck you ups. - Nihilist, The Big Lebowski

And I agree wholeheartedly. What's Bobby's is Bobby's. The bastards want his golden parachute now. Can you believe it?

They've taken his job. They're probably going to get his money. Why can't they leave his golden parachute alone? Are they completely heartless?

Or maybe I've misunderstood. I don't give a shit. / Let me let you into a little secret: I don't want to understand. I mean, take a good look at the sort of cretins who understand. No thank you. It's not for me. I'm all aloof and that, anyway.


Well, that's enough finance for one day. I've got to mentally prepare myself for No. 35. / Kids, we're going beyond finance. I hope you can dig it. I'm doing this for the sake of your health, after all.