Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bob Diamond has resigned

He phoned me first to clear it with me. I wasn't angry at all. I think Bobby is better off out of it. He has his money, that's the main thing. Hopefully, all the scumbags will leave him alone now. All the people who pretend they don't want his kind of wealth. They're above it, apparently. Oh, they don't realize how corrupt they are in different ways. They don't have a very bright future. Death is not the end. But I digress. Why is Marcus still hanging around? I'll have a word with him later. When I say 'go' that's what I fucking mean.

I'm a bit depressed about the whole affair, but life goes on, eh? / I hope Bobby turns up at a hedge fund. / Maybe I'll let Marcus stay on for a while. I don't know. / I'm going to throw myself into a conceptual this afternoon, No. 31. I think the best ones are the ones that don't mention finance - or hardly mention it. They're a real escape. Transcendence, and destruction of bland reality. Purity. Freedom. The higher life, the higher literature. They make me feel good.

I've probably lost a few readers because of my conceptual stuff. I don't care. It's my most important writing. In fifty years time, it'll be clear how important, when no one gives a shit about charts and ETFs ... well, not today's charts and ETFs. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow: there'll be other nonsense. I'm working for a permanent achievement. I refuse to put my energy into something that won't last.

But I digress. / Oh, Bobby, man, you'll be all right!