Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chris Boas doesn't think he can entice me with his Longwood Credit Partners

August, last year, I wrote that he was thinking he could entice me with his hedge fund. I mean, get me to write about him, and it. But things have changed. Mr Boas won't be launching the fund now because of the difficult fundraising environment. (No one wanted to put money into the fund - which is shocking.) Never mind.

Obviously, there is more financial pie in the sky than anyone knows what to do with. Either that, or investors are going off hedge funds and hiding their money in a hole in the ground instead. 'Like that Dom rock in Fandango.' But that was champagne, of course. 'We've just got to work out where they're putting their money, Mikey, and then steal it!' We're not stealing anyone's money, Voice, you vulgar prat! / Chris will be all right, I'm sure.

There's a better life for all of us. / There's a better life for Stephen Hester. 'Really?' You better believe it, baby. I'll be taking him on another journey later. We can't allow him to fester. Yes, he'll be a-ROUND, in spirit. 'No. 128, man?' Well, it wouldn't be No. 129, would it ... man?!