Thursday, 20 June 2013

Liontrust has been getting mad inflows, man!

Mad inflows! 240 percent increase this last year! / Clearly, Liontrust is a specialist fund manager investing money in UK, European and Asian equities and global credit. They focus on managing money in areas where they have expertise so they can aim to deliver outperformance over the long term for their fellow investors. / What wonderful guys, eh?! They certainly deserve their success.

And that's all the news that's fit to rip off. I fear we're entering very boring times. 'Didn't some character get arrested the other day, Mikey?' I don't know, Voice. 'Yeah, Tom Hayes. A former UBS trader. Actually, he was charged.' Great. I've never heard of him. These people get arrested and charged all the time. What's the big deal? There's nothing exciting about it no more. 'Cheer up, Mikey.' / I'll tell you what I'll be doing, after lunch, man. 'What?' I'll be thrashing some crimson space. 'With naked golds?' You bet!


It was a lovely day yesterday. Very sunny. I went to the pub, down by the river. Then I went to the park. I lazed around in the sunshine for a bit. I went to the cafe in the park, and I had tea and fruitcake. / By the way, I had some sort of ploughman's sandwich in the pub, and a couple of Kronenbourg lagers.

You can't have enthusiasm for nonsense on days like that ...

Don't worry about me, reader(s). It's like a caterpillar to butterfly situation. Everything's going to work out fine. I only need one lyric, that's all.