Monday, 17 June 2013

Why on earth has Neil Woodford been awarded a CBE?!

And why has my dear friend Neil accepted it? / Oh dear! I hope he ain't getting big ideas about himself. He'll be wanting us to call him Lord Woodford next. 'Screaming Lord Woodford, Mikey!' Probably, Voice. / Anyway, let's talk about my dreams ...

I've been having weird music dreams lately, man. Five or six. Mostly fragments, but one or two complete songs. The only problem is, I've been forgetting the songs as soon I wake up. It would save me a lot of work if I could remember them. / Last night there was this MASSIVE DRUMMING in my head. So loud that it actually did wake me up, for a bit. And later on, there was this weird song that someone seemed to be singing into my ear. / The best song was a couple of weeks ago. Some bird was driving me in her car. (I have no idea who she was.) And the song playing - with a full band - was out of this world. / All forgotten though, man.


I'm listening to Radiohead's Kid A. It’s better than I used to think it was. 'Eh?' I was probably disappointed after OK Computer.

I've been thinking: there have been five great periods in popular music where the artists involved made great developments, wrote great songs, etc. / ...

The Beatles (1963-1969)
Bob Dylan (1963-1966)
David Bowie (1971-1980)
Neil Young (1970-1975)
Prince (1984-1987)

That's in order of importance - according to me, obviously.


Lunch? Oh, just a cheese sandwich, you know. I'm not going out with Neil to celebrate ... whatever. I remember the desert. He wasn't so grand then.

Miles Davis now. Kind of Blue.