Thursday, 27 June 2013

Steve Cohen may be wilfully blind now

Oh, I don't know what's going on. They're desperate the authorities in America, man. Absolutely desperate. They definitely want to nail Stevie for something. 'Really?' Yeah. They're saying he was a blind monkey. 'Eh?' He didn't want to see any evil at SAC Capital Advisors, Voice. 'Was he a deaf monkey too, Mikey?' I have no idea. They're just saying he was blind, at the moment. / Why can't they leave Stevie alone? Why can't they live and let live?

And in other news ... / I'll tell you who is wilfully blind. 'Who?' George Osborne. 'Oh, don't get me started on Bungle.' He doesn't have a clue about what's happening to normal people in this country. He's not even interested. He's not a worker. He's never had to worry about money. 'Disgusting! These fucking skivers make me sick, Mikey.' I know. It wouldn't be so bad if he had a bit of intelligence. 'What school did he go to? I suppose it must have been one of those terrible comprehensives we've heard so much about.' Thick as shit, he is. He doesn't understand that stopping people from claiming the dole for the first seven days will put them off taking temporary jobs. 'Unbelievable! How are the unemployed supposed to pay their bills, rent and that?' Christ knows. 'This Osborne character flipped one of his houses, didn't he?' Oh, they've all done that, Voice. 'Sick!' He even tried to push his way into a first-class train carriage with a standard-class ticket. 'Didn't he park his car in a disabled space?' Yes, I'm afraid so. / And we've got to bear in mind that George and his mates didn't win the last election and yet they've got the power now to do whatever they want. 'Ha! What a fucking comedy! They must think the people of Great Britain are total mugs.' Slaves, my friend. They think we're slaves.

I'm just glad I'm apolitical. / I've never liked left-wing politics, but now my eyes have been opened about right-wing politics as well. The simpletons on both sides have a very limited view of humanity. They can't embrace complexity. / I'll never vote again. Politicians are vampires. Voters are natural victims.