Monday, 10 June 2013

Why is Jerry Brewin leaving Aviva Investors?

I don't know, but it's SHOCKING! It seems everyone's doing a runner! 'Everyone?' Well, Jerry ... and Justin. 'Rats leaving a stinking ship, I reckon, Mikey.' Don't be horrible, Voice. There's no need for personal abuse, and Aviva doesn't smell. 'Sorry.' I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. 'Like what?' Justin has burned himself out, probably. And Jerry - 'Jerry Brewin, head of emerging market debt, has experience of managing emerging market bonds since the first growth phase of the market and has successfully steered our funds through the Asian crisis, Russia's default and Argentina's default.' Our funds, man? We ain't got no funds, you idiot! 'No, man, that's Aviva talking.' Eh? Aviva who? 'Aviva Investors.' Oh, yeah. I'm so confused. Why is Itchy leaving? 'You mean Jerry.' Why is Jerry leaving? 'Maybe he's got another job.' Another job?! Why ... yeah, maybe. / I ... Jerry and Justin could be planning something. 'I wouldn't put it past them. I've never trusted those guys.' You don't know them! Just shut up, Voice. Let me think. / Who the hell is Aaron Grehan? 'Never heard of him. Is he a singer?' No, a fund guy. 'Sounds like a singer to me.' He's taking over from Mr Brewin. 'Who's Mr Brewin?' Itchy.


Dear reader(s), do you ever get those days when you can't concentrate on anything, and, er ... everything is foggy in your head(s)? Man, I hope not. Not if you're managing funds and shit. Your clients ain't going to be happy, are they? You're going to lose a lot of money. (If you haven't already.) Are you sure you're in the right business? / Finance, it's not for everyone. I couldn't do it, managing funds. I'm really glad I'm on the shamanism side of things. And think of poor Louis Villa. That guy wanted to be a ballerina. He's still at SAC Capital Advisors, as far as I know.

Two posts today. I'm spoiling you. But I won't be writing tomorrow. I might go out. Or I might stay in. / I've played a bit of guitar, an hour. No lyrical ideas though. Very annoying. / I had that quiche, half of it. It was all right, with some chips.