Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This Jasper Berens seems to be a bit of a character

I mean, a visionary, I suppose. / Jasper Berens is the head of UK retail at JPMorgan Asset Management. 'Is that all it takes to be a character these days, Mikey?' Of course not, Voice. There's a lot more to it, and him. The thing is, I've seen a photograph of Jasper pointing at something. Something that's not shown. 'So?' Well, I think there's a fair chance he's a visionary, like me. 'Oh.' He's laughing as well. 'What's it all about, man?' Voice, let me quote from Mallarme: But near the window open on the north a gold is dying perhaps in the decor of unicorns kicking fire at a nixie. 'Right.' Do you see what I mean? 'Not really, no.' Christ! Why do I bother?! Jasper is pointing at the unicorns kicking fire at that nixie, yeah? And the dying gold. And it could be an hallucination, anyway. 'Where is this photograph?' It's on the Fundweb site. They've interviewed him. He's talking some crap about how he wants JPMorgan Asset Management to be the best. 'That's original!' Yeah, they all say they want to be the best. But it's the photograph, man. Something beyond words, you dig? 'Maybe, Mikey.' I haven't imagined this shit, man. There's more to Jasper than he's letting on. There are other worlds in his head.


Why do I bother? I don't know why I bother. / Oh, readers, fund managers, bankers. One day, I'll get a few of them beyond. The conceptual stuff offers the best opportunities. It's a mad passion, certainly. I'll drag them out of the shit of life.

It can't just be words (and their meanings) on a page, or screen. Naked golds thrashing crimson space isn't enough! You need to get a-ROUND in a swirl of sound to truly lose it, or win it - to transcend!