Monday, 12 May 2014

Brett Icahn is getting $1 billion from his dad to start his own hedge fund

Oh, that's all right, ain't it? $1 billion! $1 billion!!! It must be Brett's birthday. / He's starting this hedge fund with his friend from school, David Schechter. They're going to run it in the evenings, after they've finished their homework. 'Are you sure about this, boss?' Well, yeah. It all seems reasonable to me. 'What's the name of the fund then?' It doesn't actually have a name, man. 'I see.' I'm sure it will happen though. I mean, Brett's dad seems to be serious about it. 'Maybe Brett's dad has got more money than sense.' Oh, don't be like that! 'Why doesn't he buy his son a new bike?' Because Brett doesn't want a new bike, Voice. He wants a hedge fund!

Anyway, I wish Brett and Davy all the best. I hope they're successful. They'll probably want a drum kit or a guitar for their band next month, but this month it's finance. Don't judge them, dear reader(s). That's just the way kids are.


Guitar? Music? / I went to the Yamaha shop in London on Friday to have a look at the FG730S. Very nice! There were a couple of guitars there costing over two thousand pounds. A bit out of my price range. They didn't look much different to the three-hundred-pound (very heavy) FG730S, I have to say. 'I suppose they sound different, Mikey.' Yeah, I suppose they do.

Then I went to another shop to buy a chord book. Hundreds of chords! And some guitar scale cards. 'Quite a few scales!' Yeah. I'm only going to bother with the blues scale, and the major and minor pentatonic scales. They're all you need for rock and pop.

[Of course, I shouldn't be writing about this here on this post. 'You're going to give Brett and his friend ideas.' I know. 'Brett's dad is going to be pissed at you.' Well, the way I look at it, man, finance is for squares. I'd much rather Brett got a guitar.]

I might do some recording tonight - if I'm in the mood. Happy and that. I've got to be positive, dear reader(s), not all depressed. I'm not Leonard Cohen, you know.