Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Peter Harrison is the head of investments at Schroders

It's a new role. Brilliant news! / Pete used to be head of equities at Schroders. Now he's head of investments. I bet he's happy. I know I would be happy. If I were sitting in my office as head of equities and some nutter walked in and said Mikey, we're making you head of investments I would be over the moon.

I think Pete's had a hard life. He deserves this. 'A hard life, boss?' Well, not a hard life, Voice, but he used to be the chief executive of RWC Partners. 'Oh, shit!' Yeah. That means he came into contact with Mike Corcell at some point. 'Oh, no!' Yeah. So he must have been bitten by Mike Corcell at some point ... because Mike has bitten everyone he has ever worked with.*

All's well that ends well, eh? I wish Pete the best of luck. 'So do I!' Pete, mate, put the past behind you.

*Almost. Louise hasn't been bitten yet. I've been looking after her, you see. She's a lovely girl.


Anyway,  anything else? Er ... 'Tepper made more money than Cohen last year, Mikey.' Ha! Is that news, man? David Tepper always makes more money than Stevie Cohen. 'What a loser!' Shut up! Stevie reads this blog, you idiot!

Nothing else ... / I went for a walk around Chiswick yesterday, looking for a new pub. 'What's wrong with the old one?' They fill your glass with ice if you're stupid enough to ask for ice. I mean, half the fucking glass full of ice!!!

What does it matter? I can't afford to drink. I'm still waiting for my ship to come in.

I better get a move on ... / Music, you know. I'll try recording again this Friday. I'm using D’Addario strings now. Phosphor bronze. Nice sound. Not as bright as the Martin ones, but they last longer. They cost more, of course.


I'm listening to So Much For The City by The Thrills. A great album you need human feelings for.

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