Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Gordon Davidson is pushing Jupiter in Scotland without my permission

I'm not saying I’m against the idea. It just would have been nice to have been asked, that's all. / Gordon Davidson is yet another Jupiter employee I've never heard of, so he can't be a financial shaman. (He's business development director for Scotland.) Oh dear. Dear oh dear! I hope Jupiter isn't losing its way. I know people have accused me of taking my eye off the ball. Mikey, you should know who everyone is at Jupiter! But this isn't 2008, or even 2009, man. I'm not the sha/man I used to be. And you can blame the news/media for that. It's hard to get excited about finance when there are no banks crashing.

This Gordon though, he reckons it's a good idea. You know, a sales presence in Scotland - like that will change everything, make everyone enthusiastic again.

Christ, I mean ... I don't know. Maybe. I'm not getting involved. If Gordon's happy, if the cats at Jupiter are happy ...


I've got different fish to fry ... / I've got to finish recording my songs before summer. The problem with summer is, you have to open the windows, and that's no good for recording. The noise. And neighbours can hear me as it is. I heard some guy in the street say the other day, He should sell tickets. Well, I just might.

I went into (central) London yesterday and had a look around the shops. I bought The Wolf of Wall Street DVD. (Real proper finance!) It was a nice sunny day, as you know, dear reader(s). I had my lunch in Soho Square. A cheese sandwich, nothing fancy. 'Those pineapple chunks, boss.' Oh yeah, some pineapple as well. I think you can get a free lunch in the Krishna temple, but I didn't fancy that. All the chanting and dancing isn't good for the digestion.

Today? After today's lunch? Guitar practice, I suppose. I might go out if it's sunny again.

Laters ...