Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I can't be bothered with Piketty Marx stuff

People probably hate bankers because of articles like this. Danny boy ain't doing his friends any favours.

I hardly read it. I would rather get a-ROUND and lose it, but not today, you dig? / Some things you can't defend, or attack. Sometimes it's best to be quiet.

Crying like a banana in the sun, that's me.

Let's get this done, and get on the guitar. Let Brett and Davy come over for the day. They're very welcome - if they've genuinely changed their ways.

There are degenerates outside the house, dumping their rubbish. I hope I don't catch them ...

More important stuff ... / Some poor souls are like rolling stones. Try running down Piketty to them! See how far you get ...

Cameron? Oh be quiet, be quiet, please, be quiet. Your opinion isn't worth anything!

If only more people realized ... / We don't know our masters. They are strangers to us. Fuck everything they want!


I was too down ... to record yesterday, but I played a lot ... I had the blues, man.

I'm getting real blue ... on the blues scale ... / That goes without saying, don't it?


You can't change anything or anyone with words. 'No?' No! / You need emotion. You need dizziness. Maybe some good old-fashioned blood and fire. / Roll on the floor, baby!

Ha! When I feel sick, I roll on the floor. When I'm depressed, I roll on the floor. Yeah!

The whole world? Jesus H. Christ!

I'll get Danny on the floor and roll him around. Oh, nothing sordid. Just childish fun! He needs it.


It's a lonely business, this elevation. I know Zarathustra tried to get involved in the nonsense out there.

What can I say? If you know, dear reader(s), you know. And if you don't, you don't. Pretty simple.