Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chris Levett is going home - back to Moore Capital!

All's well that ends well, eh? / Chris(tian) Levett was that creature at Clive Capital. But let's forgive and forget. It's all in the past.

In a statement, Chris said: "I'm more than just something, some THING, more than a creature. Yes, I was the dark force at Clive Capital. (And other places. I floated around in astral skies, you know. Even the physical skies, on occasion. However, those nights are over.) I want to be an ordinary Joe now - at Moore Capital. Sometimes in life you have to say Enough is enough. Man, I want to take it easy, you dig? I don't want the grief of running my own firm. Christ! Uh ... oh, the terrible nightmares. Let Louis Bacon face the horror! A genuine creature, a master monster, he's well-suited to it. I've worked at Moore Capital before. Jesus! (Yes, holy Jesus.) I should have stayed there, man. People always regret leaving. (Just ask Willy Tung. Go on!) I don't want any responsibilities. I'll say to Louis, er ... Louis, give me your money, or your clients' money, whatever, and I'll manage it for you. But don't ask any more of me. I've changed. You see, I wish ... the truth is, I haven't got the strength to get out of finance. Don't judge me. Please!"

Well, well, well ... interesting. (Is Willy Tung still there? I hope he hasn't run away again.) / And Chris actually wrote the "uh" and the "oh" and the "Jesus!" and the "man". For effect, probably. I don't know. Maybe he wants to be a writer.


And in other news ... I played my guitar for seven hours yesterday. I did a bit of recording too, which didn't work out.

By the way, there's a street cleaner outside, talking to his bin cart thing and making cat noises. WTF?! / I really need him ...

Writing songs isn't the problem, man. It's playing the guitar. I want to get out of this place. I want to live in Malibu!!!