Monday, 30 June 2014

Does anyone know who Nick Davis at Threadneedle is?

I mean, he's leaving now, so it probably doesn't matter, but ... Does anyone know who Nick Davis at Threadneedle is? He's been managing the Threadneedle European fund, and co-managing the Threadneedle Pan European Equity Dividend fund. / It doesn't really matter, of course. I just like to know who people are. I get this anxiety, you see. There are countless fund managers out there, in the cosmos. Most of them will only be names for the whole of eternity. Depressing, eh?

And I've seen a face, his face, Nick's face. But there are countless faces. They don't help. I could drown in a sea of faces ...

[I've probably got to learn alternate picking now. I've been putting it off, thinking it's not important. However, it is important. I'm all staccato without it.]

My mind is in ... other places. 'At the same time?' Yeah. I'm like that. / I'm feeling quite down, even though the sun is shining. And it's not the fault of Nick Davis. I don't want anyone blaming him. I don't want any of my obsessed readers avenging me. 'No!' No. They would be out of order, Voice.

Has Nick got another job lined up? Or is he going away? I hope he's going away. I hope he gets free. 'Someone will entice him, boss. You know how it is.' Yeah. I know how it is. Nick's sort don't get free, do they?

It's not even my problem! / Humanitarian. That's what I am. It's a curse sometimes. I wish I were selfish like most other people.

[Maybe I should get an electric guitar. A Strat! Although I really need a new Yamaha acoustic, the FG730S. I can't have both.]


I suppose, dear reader(s), you want to know what I'm having for lunch. Oh, use your imagination, will you? Do I have to do all the work?!