Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ramtin Naimi is amazing!

I can hardly believe this guy exists. 'Maybe you imagined him, boss.' No, man. Ramtin Naimi is the founder of the Opes Cura hedge fund. 'So?' So! He's only sixteen! 'Are you sure?' Well ... and he has no ego. And no emotions! And no attachments! Like a Buddhist! 'Sounds like one of your fantasies to me.' Shut up, Voice. This is reality. See if you can dig this -

The Opes Cura family of companies was established in December of 2009 - by a young kid, believe it or not, only ten or eleven at the time - as a California registered investment adviser initially focused on the management of individual investment accounts. In 2010, Ramtin Naimi - that's the kid, the firm's managing director with absolutely no ego - raised seed capital to launch Opes Cura's flagship fund, Opes Cura I, L.P. which began operations in January of 2012. / Since inception, assets under management have grown more than ten times while performance has remained consistently superior. The general partner, Opes Cura Fund Management, is led by a small group of forward thinking, passionate managers (also with no egos) located in Tiburon, Ca. / We are free! We have no fear!

And Ramtin has never been to school! He taught himself to read and write, and then to trade. 'Incredible, Mikey!' That's the power of the human spirit, Voice!

It's not really shamanism, of course. There's no blood and fire, no passion (despite what they say). Still, I'm impressed.


Anything else? / Well ... Neil Young isn't a very good lead guitarist. He has a style that suits him, but he only plays one or two notes all the time. Simple stuff. Often out of key, and with bad tone. That's what people say on the internet forums. / There's so much to learn with the guitar, man. I reckon I'll be all right by the end of the year. I want to be a decent rhythm and lead player - good enough to play live (if I have to) and record at a professional level. Just in case I decide to try for a recording deal as well - rather than just a publishing deal as a writer for other artists. / Let's see how it goes. One day at a time, yeah?

Lunch? The usual. Cheese sandwich, and the other usual stuff. Coke. Crisps. I'll get healthy next week. Yoghurt! Yoghurt is healthy.

After lunch? Oh ... a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND. What else would I be doing on a Wednesday?