Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Susan Ebenston is replacing Ian Davis who replaced John Hodgson who replaced ... Do we care?

And it just goes on. These firms never learn. They get a chief operating officer, and they think they're happy. Then they want a new one, oh, another one, and another one ... What are they trying to prove? One day, they will have to stop. One day, they will have to say This can't go on. Or ... / Think of the dinosaurs, dear reader(s). They didn't learn until a great big asteroid smashed the shit out of them. Is that the way it will be with Aviva Investors and all the other financial businesses I write about?

Well, Susie seems a nice girl, anyway. (She's been at Westpac Group, JP Morgan, and Scottish Weirdos.) I hope she can fit into the culture at Aviva Investors. I hope she knows about Schroders - those mugs! 'I hope she likes ice cream, boss.' Oh yeah. Lazy days in the park. Where's the sun, man? I could do with some of that.

And Ian Davis? I hope he has more sense than Paul Abberley. I hope he says to himself Right, enough is enough. I want my freedom! There's another life, another world, away from finance. I should know. I've seen it in my dreams.

I've seen all sorts of things in my dreams ... / I don't want to live in the dirt no more. I want to make life my dream, out of the horrible reality forever, and free forever! More than THREE? Not necessarily. There are different ways ... to escape. Even when you're trapped you can be free. / I think I understand why Jimi Hendrix wouldn't put his guitar down, and why John Coltrane wouldn't put his saxophone down. You rarely saw Picasso without a paintbrush or a pencil.

[I played my guitar for a few minutes earlier. I played as well straight off as I would normally do after three hours of practice.]

If you're not trapped in something nice, something you like, something you have chosen, then the world will trap you in its nonsense. That's the lesson for today, dear reader(s).