Monday, 23 June 2014

What on earth is Fortress Centaurus?!

Oh, don't ask me, dear reader(s). Randy Freeman himself doesn't know. So how am I supposed to know? Utter confusion! 'Who the hell is Randy Freeman, Mikey?' Randy, Voice, is the chief investment officer of Fortress Centaurus. 'Yeah?' Oh yeah. And he's just as confused as I am. I mean, take a look at his LinkedIn profile. // (Wait a minute.) // 'Christ!' Do you see the problem, man? 'Boss, Randy says he's the owner of Centaurus Capital, which doesn't even fucking exist!' I know. 'Then, further down, he says he's the chief investment officer of Fortress Centaurus.' Nothing wrong with that. 'No. But then he says he's at Fortress Investment Group!' I know. Utter confusion! Is it three firms or one? What the hell is going on?!

Of course, if I were seriously interested I would get on the phone to Randy and have it out with him, but I've just returned from holiday and I'm still in a holiday mood, so ... give me a few days to get my head sorted, dear reader(s). I don't want to deal with finance shit straight away. You understand, I'm sure. If you're from Aviva Investors you're probably reading this in the park. I don't need to tell you. Your life is one big holiday.

Yeah, I went to Penzance. I spent most of my time in St Ives though. Great weather. I had a nice time. I did the usual thing. You know, pasties, ice creams, lagers, chips. Walking around in the sun. I don't need to tell you - if you're from Aviva Investors.

Now I'm home. Blogging, music. / Music! Five days away from my guitar and I got back into it pretty quickly. That's a good sign. / I'm getting better on lead, I think. (I've got to learn more patterns and notes on the fretboard.) I really love the blues scale. It's addictive!

My songs? Oh, I'll try recording again ... soon. It's only a matter of time - that's what I keep telling myself. / I might dump My Heart from the demo and use Gilly, Gilly instead. Or I might finish another song that I have the music and title for. Who knows? Anything is possible. The important thing ... is that I'm working harder these days, becoming more obsessed. / I'm staying positive, man ...

Lunch? Well ... I ain't been to the shop yet. But ... cheese sandwich, probably. No Coke or Pepsi though. A mug of tea. Yeah, I wanna get healthy. No crisps neither. 'Yoghurt, man?' Obviously, I'm having a yoghurt, Voice. A nice peach one.