Thursday, 10 December 2015

Alternative finance knowledge gap press release - it's embargoed!!!

Oh, Christ! Right, er ... it's the Thursday night PR email, obviously, back by popular demand, BUT(!) ... it's embargoed, dear reader(s). I can't tell you anything about it! 'You can, boss! It was only embargoed until one minute past minute last night.' You mean this morning, Voice. 'No, I mean last night, around midnight.' But I was in bed then, getting my beauty sleep! 'You can write about it ANY TIME after the embargo has been lifted.' Can I?! 'Yes!' The PR freaks might have meant past midnight tonight though. 'That's Friday.' What is? 'Past midnight tonight is Friday.' Look, man, I don't want to get into trouble. Are you sure about this? 'Yes! Just write the fucking post, for crying out loud!'

All right. There's an alternative finance knowledge gap. Fuck! This better be okay -

Intelligent Partnership have found that the alternative finance industry needs to do much more to reach out to advisers. Although 73 per cent of the alternative finance providers IP surveyed stated that they were either already marketing to financial advisers, or planned to do so in the future, the vast majority of advisers were still unaware of key industry developments. Only 7 per cent of advisers surveyed realized that alternative finance is now regulated by the FCA, and only 13 per cent were aware that some platforms used contingency funds to protect investors from losses, and ghosts.

Well ... 'You see? What was all the fuss about, Mikey?' I still don't like it, Voice. I think we better leave it there, eh? 'If you say so. / Oh, what was that about ghosts at the end?' Ha! I had to lighten the mood a bit, man.


Ah ... 'That's enough.' Exactly! The end of another week. / But before I go, reader(s) ... I want one of these! An Epiphone Les Paul. The cheapest I've seen it is £360. I've got the money, but ... I'm not sure. I have to be careful, you dig? Maybe if my demo gets a good response next year ... [By the way, Epiphone is owned by Gibson. A similar Gibson Les Paul would cost around £1,600.] Later(s), alligator(s).