Monday, 28 December 2015

Over half of global investors plan to increase their real estate allocation!!!

Yeah, er, it's the Monday morning PR email ... back by, er, popular demand. 'Monday morning, boss? And that email is a week old!' I ain't got no choice, son. There's no news. It's this PR email or ... NOTHING!!! 'I prefer nothing.' Shut it!

More than half of investors plan to increase real estate allocations within multi-asset portfolios, according to a major new report by Colliers International. Yields are likely to compress further with 52 percent of respondents to the firm's Global Investor Outlook (GIO) for 2016 survey saying they would move more money into real estate next year. Combined with relatively low levels of debt - compared with the previous market peaks - this flood of capital would further cement a long-term climate of stability for global real estate returns. The GIO for 2016 found that despite a reduced appetite for risk, debt would play a greater role in the market next year as investors seek to boost cash-on-cash returns. Colliers, a NASDAQ-listed global property company, estimates that up to US$400 billion of institutional funding could begin chasing global real estate to diversify and stop an ongoing bleed of cash driven by the underperformance of traditional fixed-income investments.

An ongoing bleed of cash ... well, well. / I don't have much to add. I don't have anything to add. I'm still gutted about Christmas, dear reader(s), to tell you the truth. 'Oh dear! What happened, Mikey?' Nothing bad, Voice. BUT(!) ... one minute I was stuffing my face with Black Magic chocolates and working my way through a box set of Only Fools and Horses, and the next minute ... I'm back here, man, writing this shit. WHERE DID ALL THE GOOD TIMES GO?!?! 'Don't be sad. There'll be other good times soon. What about your music?' Next week. So ... watch this space.


Music? What have I got on? Oasis, Definitely Maybe. / I was listening to their early stuff online yesterday, the Live Demonstration cassette from 1993. It's actually rougher than my demo - but they have the advantage of a full band, of course. I'm just me with an acoustic guitar. I'm not complaining ...

Electric! / Oh, I've got to get that Epiphone Les Paul I told you about, reader(s). Noel Gallagher had one before he could afford a proper Gibson Les Paul, so ... I want that classic Beano sound, you dig? 'Eh? Beano?!' The Eric Clapton album with John Mayall's Blues Breakers. 1966! The album that invented the concept of the guitar hero, a year before Hendrix.


Beano on NOW!