Thursday, 31 December 2015

The economic impact of all the storms we've been having in the UK could be as much as £3 billion!

Oh, that's just great, that is, ain't it? / Because the government refused to spend fifty-five pence on extra flood defences, we're now facing this: £3 billion!

It's austerity. They think they can cut everything. Soon, we will have no police, no fire service, no armed forces, no nurses and doctors, no teachers ... NOTHING!

However, a handful of super-rich people will be able to get a tax cut. Yes, maybe sixty or seventy people in the country will be better off. Oh, it's all worthwhile then! It doesn't matter that we, dear reader(s), will be in the gutter, desperately fighting each other for scraps of food ...

What a life!


And that's all the news, my friend(s). Christ! / And it's the end of another week, thankfully. I'm absolutely convinced we'll get some decent news next week. I mean, I hope you're not blaming me, yeah? Everyone's on holiday!

Music? I'm trying to stay positive, so I've got Al Green on. His "Best of ..." collection. It's actually called Al. Perfect! Nice and simple, eh? You know what you're getting with Al.

Anything else? Uh ... use your imagination! How could there possibly be anything else? 'Come on, Mikey! There must be something.' There's nothing, Voice.