Thursday, 3 December 2015

Thursday night PR email from ... The Clubhouse - ?!

Eh? What's The Clubhouse, when it's at home?

Founded by Adam Blaskey following years of meeting clients in coffee shops and hotel lobbies, The Clubhouse is home to 250 businesses of all shapes and sizes and 825 individual members. It has welcomed more than 15,000 people through its doors since opening and its members span start-ups, early stage businesses and growing SMEs through to well-known blue chip names.

Okay. Fair enough. So, what does The Clubhouse want with me?

Research has shown that London bound British entrepreneurs and business people without a London base in which to work and meet are spending £5,824 a year at greasy spoon cafes, hotel lobbies, bars and restaurants unnecessarily to pass time in between business meetings. Entrepreneurs are also wasting up to three hours a week of productivity (or 156 hours a year) in greasy spoon cafes, hotel lobbies, clubs, bars and restaurants in between business meetings.

Ha! Well, The Clubhouse is on to a loser with me, BECAUSE(!) ... I love it, absolutely love it, when business people waste their time instead of working (like squares) for a living. I mean, take the Aviva Investors mob. It's their office party tomorrow night ... 'What's wrong with that, boss? Every firm deserves an office party.' Voice, this is Aviva Investors, yeah? 'Oh, right. Of course.' The party merely starts tomorrow night. It won't actually end till sometime in mid-January. And you know what, dear reader(s)? I don't have a problem with it.


Ah, that's enough. Time for me to waste time. The weekend is here! 'Yippee! / Are you going to the pub tomorrow, Mikey?' I might. Well, I probably will. The river? The Cokes? The crisps? That's the life! Anyone got any better ideas?