Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Alberto Gallo has got a new macro credit fund

Yeah, Macro. Yeah, our Alberto ... at Algebris. He's been there a few months. And now he's got this new fund, which will be launching next week. 'Yippee, boss!' Why are you so excited, Voice? 'It's nice to see a new fund launching.' It's a macro fund. 'That's all right.' Yeah, I suppose. I don't know.

This is from the press release -

Algebris Investments (UK) LLP, a leading global asset management firm, is launching a Macro Credit Fund, managed by Head of Macro Strategies and Partner Alberto Gallo. The Fund will start trading on Tuesday, 19 July.

Yeah, as I said, next week.

The Algebris Macro Credit Fund is designed to help investors generate superior risk-adjusted returns in this environment. The Fund will adopt a unique approach to investing in bond and credit markets, combining top-down macro research, bottom-up balance sheet analysis and quantitative risk management. The investment team includes macro analysts Aditya Aney and Tao Pan.

Tao Pan? A cool name. I like the sound of him already. 'It's a she, boss.' What is? 'This Tao.' Well, that's great! I love the sound of her. / Now, what does Alberto explain?

"The asset management industry isn't prepared to live with QE infinity. Most assets sit in benchmark-hugging strategies, offering increasingly less yield vs management fees. The investor reaction is typically to buy riskier products, like high-yield corporate funds. But this also means taking concentrated, undiversified risks," explains Alberto. "We aim to offer a better solution."

That's what he explains ... a better solution! / Well, I wish Alberto and Tao all the best with this new fund. 'Don't forget Aditya.' Who the hell is Aditya?! 'Christ! He's the other guy working on the fund, an analyst like Tao. Did you actually read the press release?' All right, all right, calm down. Jesus!


Anything else? I'm on the straight line, dear reader(s). I've got a twenty-five year vision. 'What are you going on about, Mikey?' I've been studying Jordan Belfort's Straight Line system on YouTube. He uses it for sales, but it can be used for absolutely anything, even playing the guitar. And controlling your state! I've been positive for a whole week now. 'Is that a record?' I once managed it for two weeks, a few years ago. 'Oh.' I know I can beat that.


Later? No. 431. Laters ...