Thursday, 14 July 2016

Some sort of Terra Capital update, apparently

Yes, it's the, er ... Thursday morning PR email, back by popular demand. Very early in the morning. 'It's the middle of the bloody night, boss! I want to go to bed.' Shut up, Voice, you idiot! Everyone knows you just float around on the astral plane.

Oh, I want to get it done now, this last post of the week, dear reader(s), then I'm taking a week off, next week. 'It's all right for some.' You can have a week off too. 'I might stay, actually, and do some writing of my own while you're gone.' Ha! I'm not having that.

Well, well ...

Terra Capital Plc, an AIM quoted investment company focussed on investing in value opportunities globally, primarily in frontier markets, announces that the estimated net asset value ('NAV') per share on 30 June 2016 was US$0.939. This represents a decrease in NAV of 0.30% over the prior month.

'I'm getting deja vu, man.' Yeah, I think we had a Terra PR email last year sometime. Never mind. This is an update. There's no harm in an update, is there?

The Fund undertakes its activities in line with its strategy to generate high absolute returns by investing in what the investment manager believes are undervalued companies presenting significant value opportunities. Due to market inefficiencies, the Fund and its investment manager, Terra Partners Asset Management Limited, believe that frontier markets provide many such prospects.

Well, okay ... I mean ...

The NAV per share figure as at 30 June 2016 is unaudited. The last quoted price per share on the London Stock Exchange as of July 12, 2016 is US$0.7900.

Why do I need to know this?! 'It's for your readers, boss.' And why do they need to know it, Voice? 'I don't know.' I'm really not sure about these emails any more, you know? Christ!


Ah, the night. Bring on the night. 'It's already here. Are you listening to The Police, Mikey?' Ha! No. I'm listening to Roxy Music's Avalon - a brilliant album to play at night. 'And no doubt you'll be listening to Brian Eno's Apollo soon ...' You bet your ass I will!

Politics? Forget it! British politics is just too comical now. And I don't care what happens. Honestly. I'm not writing about it. / But Brexit won't happen. The people put in charge of it will screw it up. Smart move by the new prime minister. 'Stop!' Uh, yeah, stop.

Music? Is that a space cow? 'Eno?' Yeah.


So, er ... I'll see you the week after next, reader(s). Laters.