Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Manny "Emmanuel" Roman has left Man Group to become the new chief executive of Pimco!!!

What?! When did this happen?! 'A few days ago, boss.' Christ! I'm so out of the loop. One of my oldest friends in finance, and I just get to hear about it now. 'Didn't he phone you to tell you the good news?' No, he didn't, Voice. I had to find out from some goddamn press release.

NEWPORT BEACH, California (July 19, 2016) - PIMCO, a leading global investment management firm, announces that the firm’s Managing Directors have appointed Manny (Emmanuel) Roman as PIMCO's next Chief Executive Officer. PIMCO's current CEO Douglas Hodge will assume a new role as Managing Director and Senior Advisor when Mr. Roman joins PIMCO November 1st.

Ah, last Tuesday. I was away. 'Where were you?' None of your business. 'Oh, let me have a guess - all sarcastic, like.' Shut up!

The announcement of Mr. Roman as PIMCO's CEO is the culmination of a process undertaken by the firm to hire a senior executive who would add leadership and strategic insights combined with a deep appreciation of PIMCO's diversified global businesses, investment process and focus on superior investment performance and client-service. Mr. Roman's appointment has the full support of the firm's leadership including Mr. Hodge, PIMCO's President Jay Jacobs, the firm's Executive Committee and its Managing Directors.

Well, that's all right, I suppose. I wish Manny all the best.

Is there anything else I've missed? 'Probably. The news never sleeps. The news never takes a week off.' Leave me alone, Voice! I'm feeling bad enough as it is.


Right. Music update? Oh God. I wrote a new piece of music on Sunday which is as good as my new "best" song (which I still haven't recorded.) I'm thinking now ... I should write two more tunes of a similar nature, get the lyrics, and then replace the songs on my demo with this, er, new stuff. 'Eh?' I would have to work quickly though, which isn't my way. The thing is, these new tunes are melodically on another level to ... the other stuff. 'Stuff?! Stuff?! What stuff, Mikey?! You're confusing everybody!' Ha! I'm confusing myself, son. Jesus H. Christ! There aren't enough hours in the day for all the things I want to do, and need to do. Ah, don't worry about it, reader(s). It's my problem. I'll work it out.

Okay. Music? Other people's music? I mean, what am I listening to? Revolver by The Beatles. Great album, obviously. A few new songs with my raised standards plus the old ones will help me match it - if I want to, of course. 'You keep thinking big, Mikey. That's what you're good at.' Shut up, you idiot! / Raise your standards, reader(s)! Laters.