Monday, 4 July 2016

The Schroder ISF Global Gold fund?

Yeah, it's a new gold fund. It hasn't been launched yet. But it makes sense. Gold seems to be coming back in a big way. Unfortunately, I can only afford baked beans. 'That's a real shame, boss.' I'm not bitter, Voice. You can eat baked beans. Very nice. On toast. Three slices of toast. Four is too much (not enough beans in a tin). Cheese on top of the beans. Maybe a can of Coke, too, if you're not worried about your teeth.

Anyway ... where was I? 'The Schroder ISF Global Gold fund.' Oh yes. It's going to be managed by James Luke and Mark Lacey. I couldn't find their profiles on LinkedIn. (Maybe I didn't look hard enough.) So I can't tell you anything about them. Just blank slates, man. 'Mikey, you love blank slates! Are you going to put James and Mark in a conceptual post later?' Er ... I will be writing a conceptual later, but not about them.

Uh, that's enough - ?


Well, well ... / Anything else? More! I was looking at various financial videos on YouTube this weekend. I found a brilliant Jordan Belfort one. (The real Wolf of Wall Street.) He has reinvented himself as a Tony Robbins-style life coach, motivator, or whatever. In this video he talks about how he made money selling mortgages after getting busted but before going to prison. All legal. He's just a great salesman. I'm not into sales myself, but it shows you how ... you can achieve anything if you have total belief.

Sales? I'm into music, me. That's my thing. 'I thought blogging was your thing?' Shut up! Music, man. My new song is going to take a lot of takes. 'Eh?' You know I got It's Just a Joke, Man in one take? 'Yeah.' Well, forget about that. This song is longer, and harder to play. 'So what you gonna do, boss?' Well, I can't wait for years. I need the recording soon, within the next couple of weeks. I'm just going to rehearse it every spare moment I've got, until I can play it in my sleep. 'Until you can play it with your teeth, behind your head - like Jimi Hendrix!' Er ... probably not. I know Jimi was a genius, but how can you play with your teeth behind your head? 'Anything is possible if you have total belief, Mikey.' Yeah, maybe.