Tuesday, 1 November 2016

$895 million for Kainos Capital Partners II - !!!

Wow! 'Yippee!' That's not bad, dear reader(s), not bad at all. Kainos Capital has raised $895 million for its second fund, an oversubscribed fund. 'Food! Glorious food!' Yes, er, they want to invest in food, apparently. Only one problem ... 'Christ! What's that, boss? Can't you be happy for them? What's the bloody problem?!' Well, why didn't they go for the cool billion? 'They don't need a cool billion!' Oh. Why not, Voice? What are they scared of? Life is for living, man. You've got to make the most of every opportunity.

So, anyway, Kainos Capital, from Texas ...

Kainos Capital, a middle market private equity firm focused on the food and consumer sector, was recently formed by Andrew Rosen, Robert Sperry and Sarah Ashmore Bradley. The Kainos Partners have invested and collaborated together in the food and consumer space over the past 20 years and their deep industry knowledge is complimented by an experienced team of investment professionals. The Kainos Team has extensive investment and operating experience in the industry, having invested more than $2 billion of equity in more than 52 transactions in the food and consumer sector with a total transaction value in excess of $7.9 billion. We believe that this makes us one of the most experienced private equity teams in the sector. We seek to partner with great management teams and leverage our deep consumer industry relationships and operational expertise to build and grow businesses of strategic value. As a result of our sector focus and experience, we believe we enjoy a reputation as an "investor of choice" in the food and consumer industry.

Well, okay. Sounds all right. 'Is that from Bloomberg?' Ha! What do you think? Seriously. No, it's from their website.

I'm not even having a go at them, really. $895 million is a lot of money. However, $105 million ain't a lot of money, so ... 'It is a lot of money.' Well, to me it is, Voice. But to them ...

Never mind. Let's not go on about it, eh? I woke up in a reasonably positive mood this morning. I just hope they're happy, that's all. 'I should think they are, Mikey.' Maybe.

A billion would be very nice though.


Anything else? Music? Let's rock! Or pop. I'm listening to The Very Best of Mott the Hoople. / David Bowie shouldn't have given them All the Young Dudes. If he had've saved it for himself, he would have been as big in 1972/73 as he was in 1983. / Roll Away the Stone is probably the best of their own songs. But ... / I've just listened to Honaloochie Boogie for the first time ... and I'm very impressed. It sounds like it should have been used in the film Velvet Goldmine. (I don't think it was.)