Monday, 28 November 2016

MASECO Asia is launching in Hong Kong

Well, well ... / Er ... it's the Monday morning PR email, folk(s), back by popular demand. 'You don't do them on Monday, boss.' I do them any time, Voice. 'Wasn't there any news?' I couldn't find any news. 'Did you look?' This is bloody news, ain't it?! They wouldn't send it to me unless something exciting and newsworthy was happening. 'All right. Keep your hair on.' It's Monday morning, man. You know I'm not at my best on a Monday morning. Let's just get it done.

MASECO Private Wealth (MPW) is supporting the launch of MASECO Asia Limited in Hong Kong. MASECO Asia is an independently owned entity that services the wealth needs of US citizens resident in Asia.


MASECO Asia will offer Discretionary Wealth Management Services under a Type 9 license with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. The firm will provide US-compliant solutions that will simplify tax reporting and accounting for American citizens and Green Card holders in Hong Kong.


MASECO Asia, under the direction of Mark and Ashley Scher, will leverage off the success of MASECO Private Wealth in London. Over the past six years Mark and Ashley have been instrumental in the development and growth of MPW, and they are bringing their experience to the Asian market. Being US expatriates themselves, they understand first-hand the financial and tax complexities Americans face when living abroad. Together, they are committed to building the MASECO brand in Asia.

'Nice.' It's not jazz, Voice.

Mark has been active in the region since 2012, and over that time, he realized how under-served many American expatriates are when it comes to their investment and wealth planning needs. MASECO Asia aims to address this gap and provide Americans in Hong Kong with a robust evidenced-based investment solution that focuses on client-centric needs and goal orientated outcomes. Mark has expressed that he felt the "time was right to make the transition into Asia" and that he has been "encouraged by the positive reception to the firm's entry into the local market."

Well, very "nice". / I wonder what James Sellon has got to say about it all. 'Who?!' Our Jimmy, in London. 'Don't know him.'

James Sellon, Managing Partner at MASECO Private Wealth in London noted that "Expanding the MASECO brand into Asia was the logical next step. Over the last eight years we have helped thousands of US clients in Europe navigate the complexities of allocating capital in a multi-jurisdictional world. We believe that international US citizens face the same financial challenges globally and believe that MASECO Asia can leverage off London's experience. For the first time US citizens in Asia will have the ability to work with a local specialist firm, able to draw on its association with a company which is a thought leader in the global American expatriate space, with strong links in both the US and Europe. The two firms are aligned in their vision and values to bring high quality investment and wealth planning solutions to American expatriates in Europe and Asia."

Well, well ... another one of these thought leaders, eh? 'There are a lot of them about, boss.' Well, it's fashionable now, ain't it? I mean, years after I started doing it.


Anything else? Uh ... 'Music update, boss?' Well, this is the last one, Voice. 'Sure it is.' Ha! / Right. My new improved demo is going to have four songs on it. 'We know that.' Yes. I've recorded two, but ... they sound better at the moment than the other two, which are the best songs. 'Eh?!' Let me explain, man. I haven't been able to make my best songs sound as good as the two songs which ... are still great, you dig? 'Yeah.' But not as good. 'But they sound better?' They certainly do. 'I'm lost. Explain!' Jesus! I'm saying I've got to make my two best songs sound better. 'Ah, I get you, Mikey. You're saying there's going to be another fucking delay.' That's exactly what I'm saying. 'Christ! It's like You're Lying all over again. Deja Vu.' No, that's Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. No, no ... there won't be hundreds of takes, man. Just chill out a bit. Everything will be hunky dory by Christmas. 'Oh, so you're ripping off Bowie now, too. Lovely!' Shut up, you idiot! Hunky dory means everything is fine, okay. 'Okay.' Yes. Yes, it's okay.