Thursday, 17 November 2016

Bill Gross says Donald Trump's presidency will damage America

And it won't help the people who voted him in, all the blue collar types. Well, that's obvious, dear reader(s). It's the same as Brexit over here. People were voting for stuff they didn't completely understand. Life is going to get harder for ordinary people now. While the rich ... 'The rich will get richer, boss.' Of course they will, Voice! It's the same old story. Someone get a message to me when the world stops being corrupt, and I'll listen. Until then, I'll continue working on my spaceship ... so I can get out of this shithole, you dig? 'Oh, have you really got a spaceship?' No, not really. 'Ah, is it a metaphorical spaceship, like Kanye's?' Ha! Maybe, man. I'm gonna get free! Y'all don't know my struggle. Y'all can't match my hustle. You can't catch my hustle. You can't fathom my love, dude. 'Okay.' Yeah.


Anything else? 'What?! Is that it? Come on, Mikey, play the game.' Well, I mean, there's no interesting news around, much. 'Shame.' I'll be doing a PR email later. 'About what?' I don't know. I've got loads of them. I'll have to analyze them and pick the best one. Or maybe just do a lucky dip.

Brexit? Christ! If you insist, dear reader(s). It's obvious now that there is ABSOLUTELY NO PLAN. 'Ha!' The government has no idea what it is doing. 'Everyone, all the ministers, are saying different stuff, boss.' Yes, Voice, and it's all shit. No one has said anything that makes sense.


Well, well ... / Music update? My metaphorical spaceship is nearly done. It's been nice knowing you all. However, nothing lasts forever. 'Are you going?!' Ha! Not yet. No, not yet, my little invisible friend. But soon. 'Can I come with you?' Into a world of solid rock, or pop? Maybe. I'll think about it. 'Every good rock and roll shaman needs a spirit guide, Mikey. A mentor!' Mentor? I might choose Jim as my mentor. He's got leather trousers. 'Oh.' Astral ones, obviously.

Laters, blog fan(s), pop fan(s). Let me have my lunch, then I'll lay a PR email on you, for your sins.