Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Henry Cobbe, Andy Adshead, and Sean Kelly have all got jobs at Copia Capital Management

So ... 'Is this news, boss?' Well, yeah ... sort of. I mean, they've just been hired. 'Oh.' Yeah, Henry Cobbe is some sort of head, mixed up in ETFs, I think. 'Nice.' And, uh ... Andy Adshead is a relationship manager. 'Okay. What about Sean Kelly?' You don't want to know about Sean Kelly. 'The readers do!' I doubt it.

Anyway, Copia Capital ...

Copia Capital Management is a Discretionary Fund Management facility that was established in 2013 by Novia Financial plc, to provide exciting new investment opportunities for Novia clients. Copia gives Advisers access to a new approach to Discretionary Fund Management, with specialist expertise that provides a significantly enhanced investment service to our mutual clients. Providing great service and the highest quality outcomes for clients were the core criteria set in the creation of Copia.

You see? They provide great service. So, that's all right, ain't it? 'What about Sean Kelly, boss?' Will you just fucking leave it, Voice! Please! No one wants to know about Sean Kelly. 'Christ! Is there something wrong with him?!' There's nothing wrong with him. He's a quantitative research analyst. 'Oh.' Are you happy now? 'Well, that's all you had to say, man.' ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! 'Well ... I suppose.' It doesn't matter what anyone is.

You can't judge a man by his job title, dear reader(s). How many times do I have to say it? / I suppose I could go to LinkedIn, but ... 'You would have to sign in, boss, become a member again.' Fuck that! And put some stupid profile up? Saying what about myself?

It's an impossible situation. / I'm still not in a right mood, really, from yesterday. All I want to do is play my guitar, man, you dig? And I will, after lunch. 'You'll feel better if you record those last couple of songs.' Yeah, maybe. I don't know.


Anything else? Politics? Donald Trump wants Nigel Farage to be the British ambassador to America. 'Ha! My God!' I think I understand what is happening with America and Britain. 'Tell us, Mikey!' Well, America is becoming a Shakespearean tragedy, and Great Britain is now attaching itself as the fifty-first state ... for a bit of comic relief. 'Oh. Like that scene in Macbeth with the drunken porter?' Exactly! Yes, it's all starting to make sense.