Thursday, 24 November 2016

Francis Cueto is preparing a new hedge fund!

Well, well ... / Well, Francis has this, uh ... Asturias Capital thing, see. 'Nice.' However, it's a part of Blackstone's Senfina Advisors unit at the moment. 'Oh. How did that happen, boss?' I'm not quite sure, Voice. I mean, Mr Cueto is a portfolio manager at the unit, but ... 'Oh.' Yeah. / Anyway, by April next year ... he will be spinning this hedge fund of his away from Blackstone and - 'Out into the cosmos, yeah?' Well ... not exactly, man. 'No?' Just spinning out into the normal hedge fund world, I think. 'Oh dear.' I presume that's what he's planning. 'Christ! These hedgies! Wouldn't our Francis be happier inside one of your conceptual posts, personally, himself, like, spinning a-ROUND for all of eternity?' Ha! Yes, I was wondering that, actually. / So, after lunch ... 'No. 467, boss?' Ha! You know me better than I know myself, Voice. Yes, dear reader(s), after lunch I will be taking Mr Cueto for a spin in No. 467. 'Brilliant! He'll love it!' I'll get him so DIZZY(!) ... that he'll forget all about Asturias Capital. 'He'll forget his own name, man!' Hopefully. I mean, it'll be for his own good.


Anything else? Music? I tried recording my two songs last night (two done already), but the strings were dead. 'Shame.' Yeah. / After putting new strings on an acoustic guitar, you probably only have a window of six hours to get the best sound out of them. So I'll have to put new ones on and try again. Maybe at the weekend. 'Jesus H.!' Or ... it might be a plectrum problem. I don't know. Oh, I'll work it out, pop fan(s). Don't worry about it. / Obviously, this is MY LAST EVER music update ... 'Ha! You keep saying that!' Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, Voice. Well, it might be useful to historians one day. You know, how some half-arsed finance blogger turned himself into the biggest rock and roll star in the world. 'It'll be a fascinating story, Mikey!' Fuckin' A it will!

Lunch? I fancy a luxury egg sandwich today. Cheese and onion crisps. Yoghurt. 'Coke?' No. Glass of water, with two ice cubes. 'Wow!' Yeah, I'm getting healthy, man. I've got to get down to rock star weight. That's how seriously I'm taking all this. / Well, laters.