Thursday, 12 April 2018

Clone firms

What are clone firms? Christ! Well, it's pretty obvious I would have thought, dear reader(s). Wake up! Clone firms are fraudulent copies of real firms. The FCA has recently warned of a company copying Jupiter Asset Management. And there have been warnings in recent months of other firms being cloned by scammers.

The thing is, the real Jupiter is packed full of financial shamans. 'Still, boss?' Yes, still, Voice. Still packed full of them. My influence, you see. It's one of my success stories. 'Nice one.' Yeah. And I'm just thinking, man, that it's very difficult to clone that. So ... 'So what?' Er, well, the fraudulent firm should stick out like a sore thumb, shouldn't it? As it were. I mean, it shouldn't fool anyone. 'That's if your average punter knows what a financial shaman is, which they probably don't.' Uh. Yeah, yeah. Oh, okay, okay. Christ! It was just something to write about, Voice, that's all. / Right. So, be on your guard, dear reader(s), eh?! Please!

Okay. There's no other financial news, I'm afraid. 'PR emails, boss?' I received a few this morning. Nothing that excited me though. 'Oh.' Jinksy was going on about parcels again. 'Ha!' That guy just won't stop. It's like a disease with him.


Anyway ... now what? Music, I suppose. My music. I want to write more songs like my two best. 'I thought you had three best.' I've downgraded one. 'Oh.' I've got quite a few what I call bread-and-butter classics. Those are songs that most talented songwriters can write a few times, at least, in their career. Then I have the world-beaters, songs that only I can write. And I have two of those.

And I hope to record them by Sunday, at the latest! So wish me luck, crocodile(s). 'Yeah, later(s), alligator(s)!' Bye!