Monday, 2 April 2018


Uh. Well, not today, anyway, blog fan(s). I mean, it's still Easter, ain't it? There might be some financial news tomorrow though. 'There might not be, boss.' Correct, Voice! Yes, dear reader(s), there might not be any financial news tomorrow because ... I'm going off finance a bit, to tell you the truth. 'Ha! The world's foremost financial shaman goes off finance! It's a disgrace! Whatever next?' Shut up, idiot! I might be the world's foremost ... rock and roll samurai these days, for all you know. 'Oh, okay.' Yeah. You just don't know.

Anyway, what's happening today? Well, I'm going to write this post, obviously. Just random thoughts and feelings, you dig? Then after lunch I'll be working on a conceptual. 'What number, boss?' Er ... No. 599. 'Oh, that's a good idea. The last one was No. 598, you know?' Yes, thank you, Voice, I do know that. FFS!

Right. Uh, music? Good news! The tone is all right on my guitar now. I had some cheap strings on for a while, but I've switched back to my normal Elixir ones. 'Nice.' Also, I've started to strum right behind the soundhole, which allows you to control the sound. [I can't wait to get that new Tusq saddle!] / I played my guitar for five and a half hours yesterday. 'Wow!' Yeah, I'm on a sacred mission, son, to become a rock star because ... everything else sickens me. 'Oh.' I'm talking about the reality of the world, you dig? The UK in particular. It's getting worse all the time. The latest news [business, financial, whatever, never mind] is ... 20 per cent of UK manufacturers are planning to lay off staff due to Brexit. And 58 per cent are planning to increase prices ... 'Why?!' Wake up! Due to Brexit, man. 'Oh.' So who wants to live in that reality? Grey, dim, awful reality. [Like the 70s? We need some glam!] 'Not I!' No, it's much better to create your own reality, man, your own world, and fucking live in it forever!

Well, that's just the way I feel. 'It's a point of view, boss.' It's a point of view, Voice, and a feeling, yes.

And guess what! I'm getting fed up with Brexit food rations, too. Every time you buy your favourite packet of biscuits or chocolate bar, a quarter of it is missing or cheaper ingredients are being used. It's like we've lost [or won] a war! Or something. 'Crazy!' What a life, eh? Stop the world, I want to get off!

[Where's Elon with his spaceship? I'm fourth time a-ROUND on that biography, by the way.]