Wednesday, 25 April 2018

It's a snapshot!

PR email, you see. 'Where's the full report, boss?' Uh, attachment to the email. 'Have you looked at it?' No. 'Why not?!' Christ! Because the snapshot is enough for me, son. I don't need no full report. I probably won't understand it, anyway. 'Oh.' And I'm too busy to read whole reports, Voice. If you've got the snapshot, you don't need the report. 'Okay. / Who's it from?' Er ... S&P Global Market Intelligence. 'Nice.' Yeah. A private equity thing.

Well, anyway ...

Investments to North America doubled in size - attracting 73% of cross-border money, with California taking 62% of that.

Yeah, I'll be living in Malibu within ten years. 'Ha! You always say that, boss.' Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I'm serious now. 'Oh.' It's one of my written goals, I mean, every day, man. I want a house like this. 'Nice.' It's very nice.

In the world of Venture Capital (VC), the total capital allocated by EMEA VC firms grew by 98% in 2018 vs. 2017 study periods. Similar to PE investments, majority of EMEA VC money went into North America and Asia, with €2.3bn and €1bn, respectively, in the 2018 study period.

Oh, oh! How come Brexit Britain ain't getting none of this investment, snapshot people?! 'Ha!' Do we even need to ask?

Private equity fundraising in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) saw a significant growth in 2017. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence's data, buyout funds of local GPs focused on the regional investments raised €1.37bn in capital commitments. This is almost 4x times larger than total capital raised in 2015 and 2016 combined (€340mn).

Okay. Good for them.

UK Real Estate took the lion's share of capital from global GPs, with the largest deal of the quarter also in the sector with Blackstone Real Estate Advisors acquiring Taliesin Property fund Ltd.

Well, with the severe shortage of housing in the UK, real estate will always be all right. We need to build some houses, and I mean council houses, man. Lots of them!

Okay. Uh. There's a lot of this snapshot, you know. I'm glad I didn't read the full report now. 'Do the year of the exits, boss.' What's that?! 'Christ! This -'

2018: the Year of the Exits? Exit activity in 2018, interestingly, is already 34% of capital realized from global targets compared to the whole of 2017. Such a recent uptake in Media & Telecommunication exits might be explained, to a degree, by strong exit multiples and the industry's concerns over the sector due to various issues coming to light as a result of the bidding war on Sky Plc.

Right. That's got to be enough, surely. 'Buoyant European direct lending!!!' What?! 'Oh, go on, please. That's my favourite.' Ha! Your favourite!

Buoyant European Direct Lending: The European direct lending market has developed rapidly since 2014, with dozens of new managers setting up, including a number of private equity firms that have set up their own lending operations. The market is top-heavy, with the largest five or so managers executing many more direct transactions than the plethora of smaller players.

Okay. ENDS. ENDS. ENDS. The email doesn't actually say ENDS, for a change, but I'm saying it, dear reader(s). ENDS!!!


Anything else? No. ENDS!!!