Sunday, 8 April 2018

It's Sunday!

And I'm writing a blog post! Big deal! I've done it before, man. There's no harm in it.

I just feel like writing about my music, and acoustic guitar, that's all. I received that Tusq saddle on Friday. (It's artificial, man-made ivory, by the way.) It was a bit too big. I had to sand it down in all directions, dimensions, whatever. They do that on purpose, the company, Graph Tech, so you're able to work on it and get it the way you want it. / Anyway, the action is still low, meaning the guitar is still playing like BUTTER(!!!), but the tone ... ?! The tone is really lovely, dear reader(s). The saddle only cost £13, but it makes my £300 Yamaha sound like a £1,000 Martin or something. Maybe even a £2,400 Martin! (That's how much a D-28 costs, roughly.) So, add it to my improved technique and mental attitude from the last couple of weeks and ... I can say I'm twice the guitarist I was!

Oh, the mental attitude? I've decided there are two rules to successful performance:

1) No fear

2) Enjoy it

You dig? And don't worry about making mistakes because mistakes won't kill you, and you'll find that as long as you follow the rules you won't make many mistakes anyway.

Well, that's it. See you tomorrow! 'Bye!' Yeah, bye!