Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Perivan and EthosData announce ... !

Oh! Oh! What?! What?! 'What, boss?!' Oh, what, Voice?! What, reader(s)?!

Perivan, the UK's leading financial printer, managed services and enterprise technology solutions provider and EthosData, a world-class, award winning, global Virtual Data Room specialist, have today [uh, yesterday] announced a strategic partnership following the recent transfer of the Millnet Financial Printing business (EthosData's previous UK partner) to Perivan.

Oh, a strategic partnership. Well, that's all right, ain't it? I suppose. I mean, I don't know.

Perivan and EthosData will jointly market their complementary technology and publishing services and expertise to create a comprehensive suite offering for financial transactions, from initial due diligence through to deal completion and ongoing shareholder, investor and board communications.

Oh, okay. Er ... 'Does Robin Bishop have anything to say about it?' Who?! 'Robin Bishop, man.' Yeah, who's that, Voice?! 'Christ! Robin is the managing director at, uh ... Perivan Financial Print.' Oh. Well, I don't know if he's got anything to say. 'Ask him!' Oh, Christ. Robin. Robin. Uh. Robin. He's not there, man. 'Make an effort, boss. Please. Establish the mind connection. Or ... a soul connection!' Ha, ha, ha! A soul connection, this early in the morning? Do me a favour, son! No, I'll try for the mind connection again. Robin! ... Robin!! ... Robin!!! Oh, here we go -

Robin Bishop, Managing Director, Perivan Financial Print, says, "We are very excited about this partnership which we view as an extension to the previous nine years of successful collaboration between EthosData and Millnet Financial prior to them joining the Perivan family".

Great! 'Brilliant!' And? Robin? Come on, Robin. And? 'He's gone, boss.' FFS! This is beyond a - 'Hang on! We've got Francisco Lorca now!' -

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to enjoy the continuity of working with John Redford and look forward to working with the wider Perivan team. This partnership will allow us to help our clients even better, from the document preparation before the due diligence commences to the very end after the deal is closed, we will be able to manage the entire process for our clients to save them valuable time," says Francisco Lorca, CEO, EthosData.

Okay, okay. Thanks, Francisco! / This is a lot of hard work sometimes, but Francisco saved the day.


Right. Anything else? Motivation! There's one thing in that audiobook I've been thinking to myself for ages, and I've only heard Grant Cardone say it. 'What, Mikey?' That competition is useless, baby. You don't want to compete with anyone. You need utter domination. Let everyone else compete. 'Nice one!' And that's why I'm going crazy rehearsing my songs at the moment ... because my performing isn't on the same level as my songwriting yet. Actually, it is, on the smaller, easier songs, but not on the big songs that I still need to make decent recordings of. / So, wish me luck, pop fan(s)!

Ah, but I won't be doing much practicing today, man. 'Oh. Why not?' I've got a conceptual to write, Voice, No. 606. / So, uh ... wish me luck, blog fan(s)!