Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Close to a million jobs!

Okay, okay. 'Well, that's good news, ain't it, boss?' What?! 'I presume you're talking about the Brexit dividend. A million new jobs will be created. That's something to celebrate, surely?' Don't be such a bloody idiot, Voice! A million jobs will be destroyed! 'Oh. Oh dear. / What about the Brexit dividend?' There isn't one. 'Eh?! What about the sunlit uplands? What about the fucking unicorns we were promised?!' Give it a rest, man. FFS!

Christ! Another day, more bad news. However, I'm staying positive. Just looking at my life, dear reader(s), you dig? Maybe I will get to Malibu. Oh, maybe ... 'What about their nutty president, boss?' Trump won't be there forever, Voice. 'Well, maybe you should try living somewhere that isn't controlled by the Kremlin.' Ha! Where?! The goddamn moon?!

What a life, eh?! Never mind.


Anything else? Not a lot, no. / I might need a new laptop soon. I wish I knew more about computers. 'I thought you were a computer expert, Mikey.' Yeah, when I was twelve. 'Oh.' Then I lost interest. I had a ZX81. I taught myself BASIC. I was just about to learn machine code ... 'Then what?' Then I discovered music, man. 'Ah, never mind.' I ain't complaining, son. I'm just saying, that's all.

My favourite game on the ZX81 was Catacombs. You can play it online now. / I wrote a few games. I wrote one about hunting for submarines. I adapted a stock market one, from a magazine. And I wrote one that taught 'O' Level chemistry. [I taught myself the subject early. I liked chemistry.] / Elon had his Blastar thing, of course ... with those status beam machines. Whatever the fuck they are.

By the way, I only had the first Playstation later on. My favourite game on that was Civilization 2. And I can't play that no more because the console doesn't plug into modern TVs. Unless I'm doing it wrong, which is entirely possible ...