Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Tesla and the short sellers

Well, well ... / According to Reuters, short sellers of Tesla stock have lost $2 billion this month. It's a real shame. So ... what did I say about Tesla a little while ago? 'Tesla ain't gonna fail, boss.' Yes, Voice. 'You must know a lot about business, man.' Ha! I know nothing about business. 'What?!' Even after writing this blog for eleven years, like Manuel in Fawlty Towers, I know nothing. 'Oh, come on, boss, you must know something.' Yes. I know Elon Musk.

Twenty years ago, I read a great biography of Julius Caesar by Christian Meier. The book really brought Caesar to life for me. I also read Caesar's Conquest of Gaul. / Everyone was expecting Caesar to fail in Gaul because they were looking at the military situation. They weren't looking at Caesar himself, his personality, and his will. / Ah, twenty years, dear reader(s). What happened? And I always thought I had time, you dig? / I identified with Caesar and knew that nobody else would be like him or me in the modern age. But I was wrong. Six months ago I discovered Musk, my cosmic twin, my spiritual brother. And I'm not alone any more.

So, yes, all the debt that Tesla has may be a problem. I can't say for sure. I don't understand business. All I can tell you is, Elon Musk will only fail when he wants to fail. 'When will that be?' Maybe after he has conquered Mars, Voice. I don't know. / When Caesar heard that there was a plot to assassinate him, he dismissed his bodyguards. A bit of that was arrogance. He wanted to show that he was superior to the plotters. But really he was just tired of life.

Our Elon isn't tired yet. And I'm not tired. In fact, after years of doing NOTHING in particular [except inventing conceptual literature, which is unrecognized, yes, but absolutely revolutionary], I can say I've recovered the will (and, uh, lust for life) I had when I was younger. / I believe I've written the three greatest songs ever. [Maybe I'm wrong. Who knows? Art is subjective. I used to know someone who didn't rate Bob Dylan or The Beatles, but thought that Level 42 were the bee's knees. Ha!] Now, I do have musical and lyrical talent, yes. However, those three songs came from my will, not my talent. 'Oh.' My talent - at its best - only writes what I call bread-and-butter classics. Those are great songs that most talented songwriters can write at least a few times in their career.

So, uh, anyway, I don't offer investment advice, dear reader(s). 'Ha!' I mean, just imagine it! 'Ha! I'm trying to, boss. Ha, ha!, ha!' Okay, okay. Thank you, Voice. That's enough laughter at my expense. / All I will say is ... Elon is the man!