Wednesday, 6 June 2018

More random stuff

Well, well ... / Yeah, just to finish the week off, like. Oh, I had a few PR emails, but I didn't like the look of them. I could do with some hedge fund ones, actually. Opening, closing, that sort of thing. 'Why don't you go searching for news, boss? Like the old days.' No, I don't fancy that, Voice. Not at the moment. Maybe next week ... when I'm in a different mood, dear reader(s), you dig?

Anyway, self-help ... uh, maybe I should go back to The 10X Rule audiobook on a loop. 'I thought you were doing the Musk one on a loop!' Yeah, I am, but I miss Cardone, man. He's such a crazy cat. 'Yeah, yeah. The thing is, boss, Cardone is a self-made guy worth around $300 million. And Musk is a self-made guy worth around $20 billion. So who do you want to learn from?' FFS! Don't be so vulgar, Voice! You little cretin! 'Sorry.' It's not even about money, is it? 'No.' Elon just wants to get to Mars. 'And Grant?' He just wants to be rich, obviously. 'Ha!' Yeah.

Never mind. I wonder what the audiobook of Be Obsessed Or Be Average is like ...

Oh, I watched the Tesla annual shareholder meeting on YouTube last night. Some nutters - I mean, investors - wanted to stop Elon being both chairman and CEO. They just wanted him as CEO. But their nasty plot failed. / It's incredible, really. How many bosses (at his level) sleep on a sofa on the factory floor to get the results they need? They should be hugging him and kissing him all over. And then there's the negative comments about Elon and Tesla on Twitter, too. I swear some of these haters are ... well, confused, man. You dig? Very confused.

Anyway ... / Music? My music? I played my electric guitar yesterday, for the first time in ages. 'You mean the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro heritage cherry red with quilt top, boss?' Yeah, Voice. 'Oh, right.' I normally play my Yamaha acoustic because I'm rehearsing my songs all the time. Anyway, I think I'm getting rusty on lead guitar. It's no big deal. It's just not a priority right now.

What else? I'm tired ... of blogging. 'Mikey, a man who is tired of blogging is tired of life.' Shut up!

Well ... I've got a guitar to play. See you next week, crocodile(s)! 'Later(s)!' Yeah, bye!