Sunday, 17 June 2018

Not in the world

As you see it people in the world

I'm glad to say

You can keep it because you love it I know but I don't care for it even though I'm still here I am not here with you

I am gone for the last time psychologically

My body is staying for kicks

And the last time is easy as there is no hope of all the things that are considered normal

Who wants any hope of living like that?

I don't like sleep much

If I've got to sleep I don't want it to take me away for too long from everything that must be done

I'd be very surprised if you knew

Who owns you?

Don't open your eyes what's the point?

Be happy with a deep sleep if you must I know you have no desire to be fully awake

I believe things you will never imagine

It would be better if you didn't trouble yourself

You don't even need to know

Were you born that way?

The world is dumb

And competitors can stay away go away for I have no intention of taking prisoners now

My energy is for me

There's not much time left but I will put one hundred years into ten and maybe do it twice

My will is everything

The poor souls I'll soon be "dealing" with have no knowledge of the riches that exist beyond sick desperation

Don't think too much will you?

The shit you're most proud of is animal life only

Living in your world for a while is really nice I'm sure but I wouldn't get attached

Breathing is a habit that all of us will be forced to give up

I have my own eternal reality inside don't we all? No

I'm existing bigger than you could cope with

My body is here with you

My mind isn't