Thursday, 21 June 2018

Colin Purdie and The New Credit Unit

Yes. They're actually one of the best rock bands around at the moment. Colin Purdie is a great frontman and lyricist. I think he models himself on Mick Jagger a bit too much, but I'm sure he'll find his own style eventually. 'Wow! This sounds really exciting, boss. Is it true?' No, Voice. I'm afraid it's bullshit. 'Oh.' Colin Purdie works at Aviva Investors. And the new credit unit is just that - a new credit unit that our Colin is the boss of. 'Oh. That's a shame.' Yeah. I was trying to jazz the story up a bit, dear reader(s). Or rock it up. But I failed. Sorry. 'On the bright side though ...' Ha! Well, on the bright side, man, we all know that no one really works at Aviva Investors, and the weather is beautiful at the moment. Absolutely beautiful! Everyone will be in the park now. 'What about the pub, in the evenings, like?' Uh, maybe, Voice. There could be trouble on the horizon though. 'Why?!' There's a CO2 shortage at the moment, which you need for making beer, or keeping it fresh, anyway. 'Christ!' The pubs may run dry in the next couple of weeks. 'Christ!' Yeah. Apparently, Euan Munro has been having emergency talks with the breweries. I'm hoping he can sort something out. 'They're lucky it's not winter. The Aviva Investors mob spend all day in the pub then.' Ha! Well, let's hope the ice cream doesn't run out, too! Because that will be the park knackered.


Okay, okay. Anything else? It's the last post of the week 'Yippee!' / I might go to the pub tomorrow, myself, down by the river, before it's too late. Today? I might go out somewhere after lunch.

Oh, about my music. I've decided the thing to do is ... try to write three or four world-beaters for every album. The other songs can be a mix of bread-and-butter classics and good songs. The second and third classes of song can all be written in a day. 'All in a day, Mikey?!' I mean, one song a day, idiot! 'Oh, right.' I'll just force myself to do it. However, the world-beaters - which my reputation will ultimately depend on - can be written in months, if months are needed, you dig? I think that's a good way of working. I need strategy and discipline. Remember, dear reader(s), I'm modelling myself on Elon Musk, not someone from the silly world of pop music. 'Silly?! Why get involved then?' I'll be making it SERIOUS, man, believe me.

Okay. 'Okay.' Have a nice weekend, crocodile(s)! 'Laters!' Bye!