Tuesday, 19 June 2018

I looked!

Man, I looked, yes, but I couldn't find any decent financial news. There's nothing I want to write about.

I looked for a while, yes. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. 'Ha!' And I ain't got no PR emails, which is pretty disappointing. 'Ha!' Stop saying ha!, Voice. Please.

I'm not too upset about it. Times change. People change. I might turn this into a motivational blog.

Uh. 'Maybe you'll get a few PR emails soon, boss.' It's what I need, man. It's what I like. Nice and easy. No fuss. I'm too old for fuss. I ain't got the energy to go around the whole internet looking for news. Let the goddamn news come to me!

Anyway ...

Okay, okay. Elon Musk is building cars in a tent now. That's news. Elon doesn't just think outside the box, he thinks outside the factory, too. Nice one! / And in other news? Well, Donald Trump is turning America into a Nazi hellhole. 'What?! I thought he was making America great again.' Ha! It hasn't worked out that way, man. 'Do you still want to live in Malibu then?' I don't know. Let's wait and see. Maybe they'll get a better president soon.

So, uh ... there's your news, dear reader(s). Are you happy now? 'It wasn't financial, boss.' The Tesla bit was business, idiot! 'Oh.' Yeah, oh. Christ!

Anyway ...

Let's see if I can motivate you. 'Me?!' No, them. / Okay. Do it! Do it now!

Okay. 'Is that it?!' I'm new to all this. 'That was pathetic though, Mikey. Come on.' Never mind.

Ah, okay, reaching new levels. When you reach a new level in anything, it's painful going back to the old level. Or it should be. 'Eh?' Listen. My best song is Nothing. And I don't really want to write like the old songs no more, man. 'Oh.' But I will have to, I suppose. Not every song can be a Nothing. I mean, it's like Beethoven wrote a pop tune to one of Shakespeare's soliloquies - with Yeats giving the words a final polish. That's the only way I can describe it. 'Ha!' I'm serious. It's the pinnacle of rock music.

But look at Bob Dylan. His high point(s) was the three albums from 1965 to 1966. 'Yeah.' Now, I'm not having a pop at the guy, but how can he bear another fifty-two years of not working on that level? 'It sounds like you're having a pop at him, boss.' I'm not, honestly. Art is tough. It ain't for wimps.

Never mind.

Later(s), alligator(s)!