Monday, 18 June 2018

I don't know how Elon gets any work done

I really don't. He seems to spend most of his time arguing with nutjobs on Twitter. 'Surely not, boss. He's got cars and rockets to build.' Ha! Elon tweeted fifty or sixty times yesterday. 'Sunday is a day of rest, man.' Not for the likes of him it ain't, Voice.

Of course, if Julius Caesar were alive, I'm sure he'd be tweeting all day long, too. 'When are you going to start tweeting?' Me? I do tweet. Once or twice a week. 'That's not enough!' I know. But I don't have much to tweet about yet. 'You've got to put your songs online, man!' Yeah, yeah. One day.


Anything else? 'Where's the fucking news?!' The news is where it normally is, son, but I don't care.

There's more to life than news. 'Football?' No, not football. I suppose I'll watch the game tonight though.

I'll be doing a conceptual later, for my sins. What number are we up to now, Voice? 'Eh? You, not we, uh ...No. 619.' Christ! When will it ever end? 'When?! Ha! Never, boss. You know that. It's your fate.' My fate? No, no, no. One day, I'll get away from this blog. One day, I'll be free. I see my light come shining ...