Thursday, 19 December 2019


??? ... er, some sort of grenade rocket launcher thing and, uh ... well, I know what LCP is. It's a property firm. So ... 'Stop mucking about, boss! / Here we are, reader(s) -'

APG and LCP announce the launch of a joint venture with the acquisition of the Harrington Hall Hotel in South Kensington which is to be the cornerstone asset for a new brand of all-suite lifestyle hotels.

Oh, "lifestyle". That's nice. I hate those hotels that don't have a lifestyle. 'They sicken me, boss.' Yes, Voice.

Today(?) it was announced that APG has partnered with London Central Portfolio (LCP), leading real estate investment advisory in Prime Central London, to acquire the Harrington Hall Hotel in South Kensington. This will be the first in a programme of acquisitions to provide an all-suite, lifestyle hotel brand in the very centre of London catering for the budget-conscious business and leisure traveller.

Well, not today, no. This PR email is a few days old. Never mind. / But what is APG?!

Robert-Jan Foortse, Head of European Property Investments at APG comments: "APG is delighted to be able to further broaden its hospitality investment programme. The Harrington Hall Hotel in South Kensington will act as a cornerstone for a new lifestyle brand of all-suite hotels which will be located in key micro-markets across Prime Central London. This acquisition represents an attractive opportunity to gain access to a high-quality property and add value through refurbishment, innovation and repositioning to meet the needs and aspirations of today's travellers. With our partner, LCP, we intend to create a new type of accommodation for the Prime Central London market which is cutting edge in terms of place-making, whilst also promoting the highest standards in environmental and social responsibility. It is a vision that we share with our operating partner who will be leading the project on our joint behalf."

Oh, okay. Thanks, Bobby-Jan! / Yeah, it's a property investment firm, dear reader(s). That's all right, ain't it?

Oh, look - !!!

APG is the largest pension delivery organization in the Netherlands; its approximately 3,000 employees provide executive consultancy, asset management, pension administration, pension communication and employer services. APG performs these services on behalf of (pension) funds and employers in the sectors of education, government, construction, cleaning and window cleaning, housing associations, energy and utility companies, sheltered employment organizations, and medical specialists. APG manages approximately €529 billion (August 2019) / US$587 billion in pension assets for the pension funds in these sectors. APG works for approximately 21,000 employers, providing the pension for one in five families in the Netherlands (about 4.6 million participants). APG has offices in Amsterdam, Heerlen, Brussels, New York and Hong Kong.

APG is an active investor in the hotel sector. It has invested in the citizenM hotels since inception 11 years ago and has recently increased its investment in a number of leading European hotels through Archer Hotel Capital. APG also has an investment in a Dutch-based company called The Student Hotel, holds private investments in hotels and hotel chains in Brazil and India, as well as investments in various publicly-listed hotel companies around the world. Currently, APG's hotel investments amount to over €2 billion.

They like hotels! 'They like the lifestyle, boss.' Yes. They do. / Okay, okay. Naomi?

Naomi Heaton, Founder and CEO of London Central Portfolio (LCP) comments: "LCP is very excited."

Okay. Thanks, Naomi! 'Is that all she said?!' No. No. But, uh ... you know. 'It's Christmas.' Yeah. And I don't want ... to do any more, really. I'm tired.


Anything else? My music? My, uh ... recording? Well, I'm thinking of maybe recording on the next two Sundays. That means I can enjoy Christmas, and my guitar strings should stay fresh during that time. Listen! Now that my singing is cool, man, I'm not too worried about guitar mistakes or noises. [The street is still too noisy though.] Think of Redemption Song. The voice dominates and - 'Me?!' No, not you, idiot! Marley. Bob Marley. His voice. 'Did he have a voice, boss?' Of course he did! 'No, I mean, did he have ... a voice ...?' Oh, I see. I don't know. He was a bit mystical/spiritual.

Anyway, have a nice Christmas, dear reader(s) - !!! I'm taking next week off, obviously. So, I'll see you the week after. 'I need a rest.' Yeah, what are you doing for Christmas, Voice? 'Same as usual. Spending time with my folks on the astral plane.' Are they still dead? 'What do you think?' Well ... 'They're okay with it, honestly.' Great! And, uh ... are you actually, uh ... dead yourself, like, Voice? 'I feel all right, Mikey.' Okay. Okay. Well, that's the main thing, ain't it? 'Yeah.' Nice one, son!

He's happy, kook(s).