Monday, 9 December 2019

Prizes - !!! Yippee - !!!

Well, well ... / Who's won prizes? 'And what did they win, boss?' Let's find out, Voice! -

Scope Investment Awards 2019: prize winners include Fidelity, Comgest and Allianz.

Okay, okay. Congratulations to those firms. 'What did they win, boss?' I have no idea. Maybe a car. Or a holiday. Or a set of steak knives. Let's find out! -

Rating agency Scope and media partner Handelsblatt honoured the asset management industry's outstanding fund managers and most innovative products at its 2019 Investment Awards ceremony in Frankfurt on 27 November.

Great! As I said ... congratulations to those firms. I'm sure they deserve it. 'Deserve what? We don't know what they won!' Be patient, Voice. FFS!

Fidelity, Comgest and Allianz were among the firms which scooped up some of the main awards decided by analysts from more than 4,500 funds and 280 asset managers. The Scope Awards are handed out each year by Scope Group, Europe’s leading provider of independent ratings, research and risk analysis.

Awards?! WTF - !!!

This year's awards ceremony took place at the Old Opera House in Frankfurt am Main in front of more than 250 guests. The Scope Investment Awards were presented in 12 fund and asset management categories for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Yeah, but, but ... 'Did they actually win anything, boss?' I don't know. I just ...

Fidelity wins best universal provider. Fidelity was named "Best Asset Manager, Complete Product Range" by Scope's analysts. Among institutional providers, the best Boutique Asset managers were Lupus Alpha for Germany, T. Rowe Price for Austria and Luzern Kantonalbank for Switzerland.

Christ! Not even a cuddly toy! 'Ha! You would have thought Scope could have afforded a few cuddly toys to hand out.' I know. It's shameful.

Comgest won the award for best asset manager in "Equity Funds" for a sixth year in a row. Fidelity and Degroof Petercam won two awards each across the 12 asset-manager categories. Fidelity received multiple awards in individual fund categories, including "Equities Germany" and "Equities Europe".

Yeah, well ... I'm sure these "awards" will keep them warm at night. 'Ha!' Unbelievable!

For the winner of the special category, "Fund Innovations," the Scope jury selected the "Allianz Pet and Animal Wellbeing" fund from Allianz Global Investors. The fund appealed to retail investors with its innovative and emotional approach, according to the analysts surveyed.

Fine. I mean ... I don't know. It's just disappointing, dear reader(s), you dig?


Anything else? Music? My music? Well ... I rewrote Good Times/Bad Times again(!!!) yesterday. I'm calling it Good Times, oh, not Bad Times, man, and it's a far more positive song - as, er, the new title suggests, yes. I dumped the pretty awkward and complex lyric I had. The words are very simple and repetitive now, but they work well with the tune. The song is also back to its original length of 4.15. It's a great song to finish an album with. But is it my sixth world-beater? Well, I don't know. It might be. [Give me time to meditate on it, pop fan(s). It's definitely my sixth best song, anyway.]

So, here's the album, kook(s) -

This World Don't Mean A Thing
Lucky You
Round The Bend
What's This Life We Live?
I Want Everything
Love Me
I'm Right Inside
Good Times

A bit over forty-six minutes, I reckon.

Oh, those vocal exercises have changed my talking voice, too. 'Me?!' No, not you, idiot!


Anything, uh ... more else? Well, I'm looking forward to Christmas, man. So, I think it might be time to break out the Phil Spector Christmas album. 'Yippee!' Obviously, yes.

Later(s), Christmas fan(s)!