Thursday, 5 December 2019

I've just been for a walk

Yeah. Another one. Hammersmith and Chiswick. Now I'm doing this. The last post of the week. About music, I suppose.

I'm eating a few chocolates and drinking coffee.

Anyway ... yeah, walking about. I'm getting a lot of young women looking at me these days, smiling and that. It's like being twenty-five again! But ... they're twenty-five, and I'm fifty. What's the explanation? 'Maybe they think you've got a good job, boss, and lots of money.' Ha, ha, ha! Delusional - !!! / No, it must be my maturity, confidence, and all-round demeanour. 'Probably.' Yeah.

Anyway ... I will have a good job next year. I'll be a rock star - !!!

Right. Let's play some tunes ...

Sunshine Superman. Donovan. / Groovy! Donovan said he retired when he had nothing left to teach. Yeah, sure. Whatever! He wrote some great songs though.

Little Red Corvette. Prince. / I remember I first got into Prince when I bought the double A-side of this and 1999 ... back in 1984/85.

Fools Gold and What The World Is Waiting For. The Stone Roses. / Another classic double A-side. They looked unstoppable, for a while. However, even without the record company problems, Ian Brown's live vocals would have stopped them becoming as big as Oasis or The Beatles. [Thank God I discovered that vocal coach on YouTube!]

Yesterday. The Beatles. / Their first "world-beater" out of four. According to me, of course. Who else?!

I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met). Bob Dylan.

You're A Big Girl Now. Bob Dylan.

I Feel Love. Donna Summer. / Yeah. Sometimes I really feel it. The world is a cold place, man.

A Design For Life. Manic Street Preachers. / Very, very close to being a world-beater, but ... bread-and-butter classic (first class), if you ask me.

The Unforgettable Fire. U2. / Maybe a bit overblown, but I like it.

It Makes No Difference. The Band. / A lovely song. Melancholic as fuck though.


Well, well. Anyway ... have a nice weekend, kook(s)! (I might try recording.) Laters! 'Bye!'