Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Property ladder nightmare

Christ! Why do people bother? / PR email, dear reader(s) ...

New research reveals that 14% of homeowners claim that in order to get their first step on the property ladder, they have had to take on two jobs at the same time. The new findings, which are from Engen Group, the UK based innovation and property business which focuses on addressing environmental challenges such as affordable and sustainable housing, also reveals that 16% have borrowed money from family members in order to buy their first home.

It's beyond a joke! 'It is.' Of course it is! / Having said that ... I will get my big house in Malibu, and without a mortgage. 'How, boss? How?!' Ha! Where there's a will there's a way, my little invisible friend.

Other measures taken include selling valuable items (7% of homeowners claim they have done this) and some 306,000 say they had to stay in a relationship for the sole purpose of being able to buy a property.

They had to stay in a relationship?! Seriously?! Man, there is absolutely no point in owning your own home if you're sharing it with someone you don't want to be with. 'The world has gone insane, boss.' People are just crazy about property, Voice.

Overall, Engen Group's research found that for those people not living in a family member's home, 57% claim to make sacrifices to help pay for their housing costs. Four out of ten (43%) say they go out/eat out less because of this, but 4% claim they have also cut back on buying medicine and medical treatment.

Medicine?! Talk about grim. 'This is grim.' Yeah. / Let's hear from Graeme ...

Graeme Boiardini, CEO of Engen Group said: "Getting a first step on the property ladder is a dream for many, but our research shows the sacrifices people have to make to achieve this. Also, once they are on it, many clearly continue to make sacrifices to pay for their housing costs. As the population increases, the need for affordable and sustainable housing has never been greater."

There's no solution to this ... ? 'Build more council houses!' I can't see more of those being built, man.

Uh. Actually, there is a solution, my solution, BUT(!) ... I doubt that people will want to hear it, really. I mean ... 'Tell them, boss! It might help.' Well, okay ... Get rich or die tryin', you dig? 'Yeah, that's helpful. That's so helpful.' Ha! There's nothing else I can say, is there? It's just the way things are now.

[My grandfather was able to buy a five-bedroom house in London on a working-class wage. Union job. Newspaper printing in Fleet Street. Ah, different times, my friend(s)!]


Anything else? I woke up at half four this morning - oh, by accident - like a Navy SEAL. Yeah, I'm nuts, but so what, man? I enjoy getting four or five hours of really heavy sleep at night, but after that ... I just want to rock and roll, you dig?

So ... my music? I've decided that Good Times is a bread-and-butter classic (first class). That's fine. It's a really commercial song, and it would sound awesome in a stadium. Combined with all my other songs, well ... the album is just going to be mental, frankly.

Let the good times roll!

YES - !!!

Later(s), alligator(s)!