Thursday, 12 December 2019

Music, I suppose

It's the last post of the week, kook(s). It's nearly Christmas.

Listen! My acoustic guitar strings are knackered, man. I've had them on for over seven hundred hours. I've been putting off changing them because they're expensive and you only get a decent forty or fifty hours playing time out of them - when you want to record, like. And I don't know when I'll want to record next ... / Uh. Maybe this weekend. Maybe not. I know I said before Christmas, BUT(!) ... I just don't know, you dig? Ah, never mind.

Anyway ... I'll put some tunes on!

Here I Am (Come and Take Me). Al Green. / Yeah. I won't always be here though.

To Turn You On. Roxy Music. / All of Avalon should really only be listened to at night.

It Ain't Me Babe. Bob Dylan. / Red pill.

Have I Told You Lately. Van Morrison. / Blue pill.

Cleaning Windows. Van Morrison. / Showing George Formby how it's done.

Red Hill Mining Town. U2. / A great song. Not as well-known as others from The Joshua Tree.

We Are The Dead. David Bowie. / One of those great Bowie songs only fans know about.

Rainy Days and Mondays. Carpenters. / Oh, it's Thursday, but it's raining, so ...

We're Not Gonna Take It. The Who. / Acton's finest. So far, anyway.

That's enough.


Anything else, before I go? Well ... I'm tired. ['Tired of blogging, tired of life, ha!'] I want a week off. I will get a week off, after next week. Then ... I'll be back, for another year? I don't know, man. I've burnt off all the bad karma as far as I'm concerned.

I Shall Be Released. The Band. / Just one more, yes!

I shall be released! I truly believe that, kook(s). I've served my time. And Malibu beckons ...