Monday, 30 December 2019

Christmas is over!

It's so over. I'm not bothered. Life goes on. I didn't particularly enjoy it, anyway.

Obviously, no finance today. I'm not nuts, dear reader(s). Tomorrow? Er, I've got some PR emails from before Christmas. I'll look at them ... tomorrow, and tomorrow. Because blogging goes on. It doesn't stop. Not yet.

Music? My music? I changed my strings on Saturday, which was a shock to the system. Fresh guitar strings. They're probably too fresh. I'm not recording yet. I've got things on my mind.

I tried playing through my songs yesterday morning, and they sounded really bad. It doesn't matter how much you practice if your emotional state ain't right. I played again in the evening, and they sounded good. I was feeling better, you dig?

I'm only doing this one post today, then two tomorrow, and then two tomorrow, and one, uh ... tomorrow. Probably. If you know what I mean.

[Do you know what I mean?!]

Well, well ... / Fresh start on Wednesday! The ultimate fresh start. The first day of the Twenties! I'm going to be real hardcore from Wednesday, maybe even more hardcore than Goggins. 'Ha! I'll believe it when I see it, boss.' Oh, hello, Voice. Did you have a nice Christmas? 'Yeah.' Okay. Good.

But back to Goggins. He's been doing some social media promotion lately. Playing with his dog, and phoning complete strangers at Christmas. Showing his human side. Christ. Personally, I prefer his inhuman side. But I can't imagine it was his idea, man. Obviously, some PR nutjob has been whispering in his ear, "David, you've got to reach a larger audience. Phone some people. Play with your dog. Halfwits love that shit". No, no, no. NO - !!!

It’s not inhuman, anyway. It's no nonsense, it's hardcore, it's taking no prisoners, but taking souls. It's not giving in to the square world. It's, it's, it's ...

It's uncommon - !!!


Anything else? Er ... my music, again? Okay. That "Memphis" dream tune fragment? Well, I have the music for the verses now. But no chorus. I've been struggling a bit. If I can write a massive and melodic chorus, it'll be a world-beater. [The verse music is my best yet.] / It's starting to annoy me that I only have five of those big songs, kook(s), when I really want ten. I need ten, you dig?


What ... else? I can't think of anything. That film The Social Network has a really brilliant script.

Okay, okay. Laters!