Monday, 2 December 2019

Investment catalyst

What's that? I don't know. But I suppose I'll find out, yes. I ain't got nothing else to do on a cold Monday morning in winter. You dig?

Price Bailey partners with East of England Investment Catalyst for tech company showcase.

Oh, it's a showcase thing. That's all right. Yes, it's a PR email, dear reader(s). No surprises. Maybe I should write about the Aviva Investors Christmas party instead ... 'Just tell us when this showcase is happening, boss.' Ha!

On 26 November, Price Bailey's Strategic Corporate Finance team introduced a hallmark event in which East Anglia's tech companies had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to leading business investors alongside Barclays Eagle Labs.

Oh dear. It's been and gone. Never mind, eh? 'Jesus H. Christ!' What? 'Your readers are going to be upset now.' Don't be ridiculous! My readers are strong, man. They wouldn't let something like this get them down.

Anyway, what is Price Bailey?

Price Bailey is a top 30 accountancy practice specializing in providing accountancy and business advice to enable the growth of regional, national and international businesses. In addition to traditional accounting services, the firm has a range of specialists in many areas which combine to provide a complete, integrated business offering. These include tax consultancy, corporate finance, strategic planning, insolvency & recovery and employment law.

Oh, I see.

Right. I wonder if Chand Chudasama has anything to say. 'Who?!' Chand Chudasama. 'Okay. But ... surely we should be wondering if this Chand has anything to say that anyone is interested in listening to.' Don't be like that, Voice. 'Like what?' Your attitude, son. 'Well ...' Listen! I'm going to give our Chand a chance.

Chand Chudasama, Strategic Corporate Finance Partner, says: "Price Bailey works closely with small and large businesses across the Eastern region and we tend to find that businesses outside of Cambridge and London often don't get the recognition they deserve. We are proud to partner with the investment showcase and demonstrate to a wider investment network the talent and ingenuity that is hidden away from the limelight. Our team thoroughly enjoyed helping this cohort of East Anglian businesses prepare for their pitch to venture capital investors in London; the talent that was showcased at the event was extraordinary and promises an exciting future for the region."

Okay. Okay. Thank you, Chand. 'That's five pounds you owe me, boss.' For what? 'You lost the bet.' Shut up, you idiot! We didn't have a bet, Chand. Ignore him.



Anything else, kook(s)? Music? My music? All right. I made a rough recording of Stella the other day. I was listening to it a lot this weekend. Two things from it -

1] The song is better than I thought it was. It might be my best song. It's hard to say. (The lyrics for Nothing are better.) What I can say is ... no other songwriter in the world - at the moment - is anywhere near this level.*

If only I could sing properly ...

2] Well, well ... / Listen! My singing is much improved, thanks to those vocal exercises I've been doing since September. I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life I've been really pleased when listening to my singing, rather than just a bit satisfied (at best!) My voice is stronger. Oh, it's in key. And it even has a nice tone to it now.

I've just got to hold my life together for a couple of months ...

Later(s), pop fan(s)!

*Of course, anyone is welcome to challenge me. But how committed are they? Robert De Niro once said you shouldn't have anything in your life that you can't walk out on in thirty seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.